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Topsoil is a very important start for any yard or raised garden bed. Topsoil is the layer of soil that holds all the nutrients that feed your lawn and plants. Topsoil is also the layer where your grass and plants extend their roots. Having good topsoil will allow your lawn and plants to grow strong roots and grow to their fullest potential.

• Earth First topsoil is blended with our own compost, manufactured on site at our Greenville and Hwy 403 locations. Our compost is made from tree limbs, leaves, grass clippings, and straw from horse bedding. This yard waste compost not only adds nutrients to the soil, but also helps retain moisture and aids in reducing soil compaction.

• The topsoil and compost are screened to remove sticks, rocks, and other debris. Please keep in mind that it is possible for some small sticks and stones to fall through the screens from time to time. Any organic material that remains after screening will continue to decompose and enrich your soil as a result.

Call us today to setup your topsoil delivery or pick it up at one of our 5 Kentuckiana locations and save.

Earth First Topsoil Varieties

Processed Topsoil

(80% Topsoil / 20% Compost)

Our processed topsoil is triple screened to remove as much foreign material as practical. The processed topsoil is then stored under roof to keep it dry. Our screened topsoil is perfect for filling in low spots or top dressing your yard prior to seeding or sod. (we sell seed too).

Gotta Grow Topsoil

(70% Topsoil / 30% Compost)

Our Gotta Grow topsoil has the compost already mixed in. It can be used for raised garden beds, gardens or to start a new yard. The compost mixed in gives your plants the extra nutrients they need to grow.

Garden Mix Topsoil

(60% Topsoil / 30% Compost 10% Sand)

The Garden Mix topsoil is also great for gardens. The mixed in sand allows the soil to stay loose and not compact together. This allows the roots of the plants to grow easily through the soil.