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Compost for Sale Louisville, Ky and Southern Indiana

Earth First compost is made from locally sourced land clearing and yard waste organic materials such as tree limbs, leaves and brush.

This material is ground and stored in semi-static piles for 16 to 24 months. As the material decomposes, internal temperatures reach a minimum of 131 degrees. The heat ensures maximum pathogen reduction and weed seed kill.

The final step is to screen the compost to remove any remaining oversize material and provide a uniformed finished product. Earth First compost is a great natural fertilizer for lawns, flower beds and vegetable gardens.

Our bulk compost is for sale at all five Earth First locations. Wether you need one cubic yard or hundreds, call to arrange a local compost delivery or pick it up and save.

• Earth First garden soil compost is manufactured on site at our Hwy 403 location.

Call us today to setup your compost delivery in Louisville, Ky and Southern Indiana.

Compost For Sale

Garden Compost

Local Compost

Our compost is a great addition to garden soils and flower beds. Compost adds nutrients back into your soil that have been drained over time.